Silence, Breathing Meditation and NgalSo Tantric Self Healing

How to relax body, speech and mind
A method for inner and universal peace connecting this world to Shambala
By T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen Rinpoche

This method is based on the historical tantric tradition, Vajrayana, the Diamond Vehicle. It teaches us to recognize, relax and purify the energies of the body, speech and mind, by working on the five chakras, vital psycho-physical energy centres to which the body parts and emotional aspects of the mind are connected.
Mudras, mantras, visualizations and breathing meditations transform polluted, impure body and mind energies into energies and qualities as pure as those of the Buddhas. This is subtle work on the realization of an inner garden and bringing light to one’s enlightened qualities.

Many people all over the world have witnessed its extraordinary ability to facilitate physical and mental healing processes and reach a state of relaxation, joy and inner peace.


Shim Kam Jong So practice – Making Peace with the Environment

Realizing Peace with the Environment

The Female Energy and Environmental Regeneration
By T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen Rinpoche

45 min

The planet urgently needs help to heal its disastrous environmental conditions, or at least mitigate the consequences. Apart from essential practical solutions that humanity can implement by taking greater care of the environment and making good use of technologies, we can also make a precious contribution through this practice on a subtle level.

Tibetan tantric tradition identifies five great elements that compose the universe: earth, water, fire, wind and space, and the related archetypes of female energy: the Five Great Mothers of the Elements. This practice uses their rich symbols, and through mantra, mudra, visualization and breathing meditations, it regenerates and relaxes our five inner elements and the five elements that compose the external world.

Over the years, many practitioners have discovered the extraordinary results of this practice, improved their physical and mental health, and the conditions of the surrounding environment.


Guru Puja according to the lineage of NgalSo Western Buddhism of Lama Gangchen

The Guru Puja (Sanskrit; Lama Chöpa in Tibetan) is a ritual of invocation and offerings to pacify negative energies and increase all qualities. The practice is dedicated to inner and world peace.
It is a wonderful practice for Buddhist followers, a compendium of teachings of the Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions that show how to integrate Lam Rim, Lojong and Mahamudra practices and help us to meditate on the three principal Yidams of the Gelugpa School.

During the Tsog offering we visualize to satisfy the wishes and needs of all sentient beings.

The Guru Puja  is practiced at Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre every day,without exception, from 11 September 2001 with a special dedication for  world peace and with special dedications for those who request them.

Initation and pratice of Manjushri and Saraswati: meditation using the blessing of the Buddha of Wisdom and His consort, protectress of the Arts and music. In connection with the sacred Wutaishan Mountain

Manjushri, the Buddha of Wisdom, has a long and profound connection with the sacred Wutaishan Mountain of China, which has been documented in the sutras – here on this holy mountain Manjushri is said to have appeared often to pilgrims with the pure motivation to meet him.

Orange in colour, Manjushri is seated in the vajra posture. In his right hand he holds a sword with which he cuts fundamental ignorance, or the attachment to inherent existence of our self and all phenomena. In his left hand he holds the stem of a flower upon which rests the Prajnaparamita text, the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra.

Saraswati is his female counterpart. White in colour she represents the wisdom of the arts and in particular of music. In her hands she plays a lute whilst she dances on a lotus flower.

This practice helps to heal the body, speech and mind, and increases our understanding of the authentic nature of reality, our intelligence, memory, creativity; it pacifies astrological influences.

Review of JAZZ and POETRY

At the invitation of GANCHEN LAMA WORLD PEACE FOUNDATION, NGO O.N.U. affiliate, review of JAZZ and POETRY with:


CARLO Bernardinello, battery
and DANILO MOCCIA, trombone


PATRICK Albertella
and poetic reflections of
T.Y.S. Lama Rinpoche and GANCHEN
Lama Michel Rinpoche.

7.00 PM Welcome Drink
8.00 PM (optional). Reservation no. 335 6885350
9.00 PM Jazz & Poetry

With the support of:

COMPANY ‘Dante Alighieri, Office of Verbania

One day practice of Reiki Chawang Ngalso: Black Manjushri

Reiki Chawang NgalSo is an ancient tibetan method based on the laying on of hands in conjunction with the blessing of Self Healing NgalSo from Buddha Shakyamuni. During the day we will make Reiki treatment using the energy of Black Manjushri, an aspect of wisdom which assists in the healing of profound negative emotions and mental suffering caused by problems and illnesses. It is also a powerful antidote to turbulences and damage caused by negative astrological interferences.

( Sessions are also open to those with ReikiUsui Level One ).

Chawang NgalSo Reiki first level Empowerment with Lama Gangchen

Chawang NgalSo Reiki is an ancient Tibetan method based on the laying on of hands with the blessing of the lineage of Tantric Self Healing NgalSo. It is used to treat the root causes and hidden diseases that do not show obvious symptoms, and to purify and pacify the karmic and astrological causes. Chawang NgalSo Reiki gives new hope, more power and security and removes the doubts that make us think that we are not  able to help others. It gives us the ability to cure physical diseases as well as subtle ones.

(by reservation only)


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